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DIY - Teepee

Create the Magic in your home

Our DIY Packages give you the ability to have our stylishly themed handmade teepees for you to create the Sleepee Teepee look for yourself.

Make it a part of the celebration, working with the family to set up the Ultimate AT HOME party.

Check out our pricing below. All current teepee themes available for DIY.

Standard DIY Teepee Package of 5 - $180


Require delivery +$60* (quote required depending on suburb)

•Delivery days and times are subject to availability


DIY Teepee Pick up Pricing (Melrose Park Depot):

2 Teepees - $144

3 Teepees - $156

4 Teepees - $168

5 Teepees - $180

6 Teepees - $205

7 Teepees - $230

8 Teepees - $255

9 Teepees - $280

10 Teepees - $305

NOTE: 7+ teepees is a lot of gear, you will require a SUV where the seats can go down. You will need to load teepees, bags & mattresses. Please enquire if we have loaded any in your type of car previously.

Included in teepee package:

Choose your theme below to pair with our handmade teepees and we will provide all the gear to create the ultimate sleepover.


All packages are inclusive of:

  • Teepees

  • Mattresses

  • Fitted sheets

  • Mattress protectors

  • Light blankets

  • Pillows, Pillowcases & Pillow Protectors

  • Cushions

  • Fairy Lights

  • Various styling pieces: buntings, garlands, rugs etc.

  • Step by Step Instructional Guide

Price is inclusive of GST

How it works...

All our set-ups come with clear instructions and guidelines to help you set-up just like 'Team Teepee'.

All prices are pick up from our Melrose Park depot on the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday prior to the weekend, and return on the Sunday or Monday after the party.


Delivery is available, we are able to provide a contactless drop at your house, ready for you to collect and bring inside if you prefer.

Transporting Vehicle requirements - IMPORTANT!!

To transport you will need a vehicle that can carry our teepees and mattresses (we can provide air mattresses if you prefer or need to save space in transport).

Teepees are 120cm high x 120cm wide

Mattresses are: Large 188cm long or Standard 160cm long x 90cm wide

SUV, Wagons and Vans typically fit our teepees. (Ford Territory, Escape, Nissan Xtrail, etc. I have successfully transported 5 teepees and mattresses). Please enquire if unsure.

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